Corporate Services

Our specialists make your job easier by planning and coordinating all your business’s needs.

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City & Sea Lifestyle Concierge is dedicated to providing excellence with a wide range of corporate services. We enhance the professional and the personal lifestyle requirements of individuals on all rungs of the corporate ladder.

We are able to plan and coordinate a wealth of corporate needs, including business administration and financial planning; branding and marketing; corporate identity management and web design; real estate and travel; as well as catering promotional events. Whatever your corporate needs, we are your virtual personal assistant.

As an essential business tool, City & Sea Lifestyle Concierge corporate programs enrich the professional and personal lives of employees, clients, or both. For example, The John C. Conover Agency, a real estate agency in Asbury Park, NJ – contracted City&Sea as a resource for their seasonal rental clients, property management and sales providing varied concierge services including opening and closing of annual and seasonal rental properties, home organization, indoor and outdoor household upkeep, liaison with home repair, relocation, and restocking of bars, pantries and refrigerators.

Our goal is to maximize your business’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Our specialists make your job easier by planning and coordinating all your business’s needs.

  • Administration
    • Bookkeeping
    • Calendar Management
    • Corporate Gift Ideas/Wrapping
    • Credit Repair
    • Holiday Decorating
    • Manage Postal/Fedex/UPS
    • Office Management
    • Relocation
    • Security
    • Advertising
    • Branding/Marketing Strategies
    • Copy Editing
    • Database Development/Management
    • Design/Maintain e-newsletter
  • Event Planning
    • Entertainment
    • Photography
    • Transportation/Chauffeur Services
    • Travel Arrangements
  • Real Estate
    • Property Management